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We understand time is money. Our mission is to provide safety solutions to keep you running like a well-oiled machine. From onsite work to consulting to training, jobs big to small, and across a wide range of industries, we’re there so you can do your best.

Company History

Our company was incorporated in 2006 as Above The Tracks, focusing on the rail industry. As the services we offered expanded and the current executive team formed in late 2009, the company was providing a significant amount of safety services to the power industry. To reflect the shift of focus to a broader array of industries outside of the rail industry, the company filed and assumed the name Job-Site Safety in February 2010. In 2011 the company began also offering confined space rescue services. This initiative rounded out the complete offering of safety services. More recently, we acquired Independent Inspection Service INC, and reincorporated the company as Inspection Services LLC. This acquisition brought us one step closer to accomplishing our mission to become the leading safety and quality assurance service provider to better serve our clients’ needs in a timely and cost effective manner.


JSS begins in rail industry as Above The Tracks, and expands scope to serve all occupational industries.


Current executive team was established, with the addition of Justin LeBeau


Files and assumes the name Job-Site Safety, LTD


Adds confined space rescue service


Adds safety equipment sales and rentals


Acquires Independent Inspection Service INC, an inspection and construction management company and reincorporates the company as Inspection Services LLC. Entered QA/QC via sister organization, Inspection Services LLC

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Meet Our Executive Team

Stephen P. Arndt

Stephen P. Arndt


Stephen S. Arndt

Stephen S. Arndt

VP Field Operations

Justin LeBeau

Justin LeBeau

Vice President